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4.4 million parts

Through the Used Car Parts service, Autoexperten expands its range with 4.4 million recycled parts for your vehicle. We at Laitis, together with Autoexperten and KG Knutsson AB, highly recommend this unique offer to our customers.

This is part of our shared goal of a circular economy: -Reuse instead of new production.



The Setup

In collaboration with auto wreckers, Autoexperten’s workshop range is expanded with 4.4 million parts. This means that as a customer, you can conveniently choose used alternatives that are cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and not always available in the regular range. Good for both the economy and the environment.

Circular Economy

The service contributes to a sustainable circular economy by salvaging parts from vehicles that have ended up ‘in the junkyard.

1-Year Warranty

The products included in the Used Car Parts service are quality-rated and come with a 1-year warranty.

How Does It Work?

As a workshop customer, you place your order just like usual in Autoexperten’s catalog. There, you have the option to see available products from the used parts range.

New and used products can be mixed in your shopping cart, and the purchase is consolidated on a single invoice. The dismantler delivers the used, quality-assured products directly to your workshop.



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