Together with our owner KGK, we offer the market's best spare parts, accessories, tools, training, and services for the automotive industry.


With our partnership in the Big Group, we offer a wide range of tools, machinery, workwear, and protective equipment, along with flexible customer solutions and industry-specific training for the entire industrial sector.


The complete solution

Transform your challenges into opportunities with Total Service Provider

The purchase prices of tools, machinery, and supplies are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your company’s total costs. What if you could convert costs associated with logistics, service, production disruptions, inventory, and administration into concrete savings? With Total Service Provider, this is not just possible – it’s within reach.



Revolutionize with a Lean-Based Method

Experience the power of a Lean-based method that transforms every aspect of your material handling. Total Service Provider goes beyond traditional solutions to streamline your processes, reduce hidden costs, and maximize your savings opportunities. Free up your most important resources by optimizing procurement processes and securing the supply of tools, supplies, and spare parts.


Transform small changes into big savings

Every product choice plays a role in your economy. With Laitis as your partner, you gain access to expertise and a carefully selected range from market-leading manufacturers. We ensure that you always have the right tools and equipment – optimally adapted to your specific needs.


What can you achieve with Total Service Provider?

  • Reduce your total costs through optimized material flow.
  • Improve your economy by reducing the number of suppliers and administrative processes.
  • Keep your staff continuously updated on products and new legal requirements.


Maximize efficiency, minimize production downtime

A halt in production can be devastating. With Total Service Provider, you find the perfect balance between minimal inventory and distribution costs and guaranteed availability. We are committed to constant updates and training to ensure that your company always stays ahead. Regular follow-up and evaluation of the collaboration ensure that your needs are always in focus.

Simplify with a single supplier

Make life easier by having all your purchases with Laitis. We minimize your administrative burden and create a smoother, more cost-effective flow of goods between you and your suppliers.

Time is money – Act now

Did you miss the chance to save last year? Don’t let the same happen this year. Contact us at Laitis today to discover how Total Service Provider can change the future of your business.


A positive change – for your company and your industry


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