Together with our owner KGK, we offer the market's best spare parts, accessories, tools, training, and services for the automotive industry.


With our partnership in the Big Group, we offer a wide range of tools, machinery, workwear, and protective equipment, along with flexible customer solutions and industry-specific training for the entire industrial sector.


Laitis - Dräger's Chosen Partner

Official Dräger Distributor

As Dräger’s chosen distributor, Laitis serves as your gateway to a world of high-quality products and services. Our expertise spans critical areas such as breathalyzers, gas detection, and protective equipment, and we are here to provide you with the best solutions on the market



Prominent expertise and products from Dräger

At Laitis, you will find a wide range of breathalyzers, from simple handheld models to advanced fixed installations for vehicles. Dräger’s products are designed to meet your requirements, whether it’s for easy personal use or complex solutions for businesses and government entities. Each product in our range is tested and approved to meet the highest standards, ensuring reliability and precision.

Calibration and maintenance of Dräger equipment

Your Dräger equipment deserves the best service. At Laitis, we offer professional calibration, maintenance, and assembly of your equipment, ensuring its optimal performance and reliability.


DEEP Concept – A comprehensive solution for gas detection and protective equipment

We at Laitis understand that your needs go beyond just products. The DEEP Concept is our comprehensive solution that offers you everything from gas measurement to personal protective equipment. Whether you are a small operator or a large corporation, our expertise is here to provide customized solutions, service, maintenance, and training. We are your partner in ensuring the safety and efficiency of your operations.



DEEP- Concept explained

D: Detection

We offer portable single gas meters or multi-gas meters that are ideal for situations with the risk of exposure to toxic gases. Gas meters continuously monitor the air and trigger alarms if gas levels exceed safety thresholds, allowing for swift response in workplace accidents

E: Escape

When a gas is detected, the need for escape equipment arises. We offer a wide range of escape hoods, filtering escape masks, or oxygen-generating escape masks. We assist you in selecting the right type based on the ambient air and the duration of escape required.

E: Educate

We offer Dräger Academy’s courses and training in the use and maintenance of respirators, gas detectors, gas control, confined space entry, and more.

P: Protect

We offer respiratory protection for various purposes, both for personal and professional use. Our range includes lightweight respirators for home repairs and heavy-duty respiratory protection for the metal and chemical industry. Regardless of the product type, we provide customizable respirators with low breathing resistance and high comfort.

It is crucial to carefully assess the risks, and you can trust that we always choose the right type of respiratory protection for specific needs. It could be a matter of life or death.

  • Risk Assessment
  • Training
  • The Right Equipment


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