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Perfect Temperature

Are you looking for the perfect solution to keep your vehicle comfortable and efficient in all weather conditions? At Laitis, we have the expertise and technology to tailor heating and cooling systems to meet your specific needs – whether you drive a car, truck, bus, or construction machinery.



Webasto – Your partner for heat and comfort

As a leading player in the global market, Webasto offers advanced and reliable solutions. We provide air and water-based heating systems designed to meet a variety of needs and heating capacities. Let us help you choose the system that best suits your unique purpose.

Create perfect heat with air heating systems

Experience the comfort of a warm and welcoming cabin from the start of the day. With quick heating and easy operation, the air heating system is an ideal solution to keep the cabin warm during breaks and overnight. Choose Webasto for a warm, efficient, and winter-ready experience in your vehicle.

Benefits of air heating systems:

  • Low purchase and installation costs
  • No interference with the vehicle’s original system
  • Short heating time
  • Separate air distribution settings
  • Modes for air circulation or fresh air

Maximize efficiency with water heating systems

Protect your engine and save fuel with Webasto’s innovative water heating systems. Integrated with the engine’s cooling system, they ensure the engine starts smoothly even in the coldest temperatures while keeping the cabin comfortably warm. Water heating systems are your solution for reducing idling and extending engine life.

Benefits of  water heating systems:

  • Preheated engine and/or heated cabin
  • Extended engine lifespan due to fewer cold starts
  • Continued use of existing vehicle components
  • Utilizes engine heat without exhaust emissions during short stops


Improved climate control with cooling and air conditioning



High-performance cooling and air conditioning systems

Stay focused and alert on the road with our high-performance cooling and air conditioning systems. Perfect for long-distance drivers, Webasto offers a cool and comfortable driving environment that keeps you alert throughout your journey.

Contact Us for a Tailored Solution, are you ready to enhance your vehicle with the best in heating and cooling technology? Contact Laitis today to create the perfect environment in your vehicle. With our range of state-of-the-art solutions and expert knowledge, you are in safe hands.


Laitis – Your expert in vehicle climate


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