Together with our owner KGK, we offer the market's best spare parts, accessories, tools, training, and services for the automotive industry.


With our partnership in the Big Group, we offer a wide range of tools, machinery, workwear, and protective equipment, along with flexible customer solutions and industry-specific training for the entire industrial sector.


Local Presence

We maintain a strong local presence with nine strategically located stores and storage facilities

This allows us to provide swift and efficient logistics services tailored to the specific needs of our geographical region. Our focus is on optimizing storage management and reducing lead times, ensuring that your logistic challenges are met with bespoke solutions.



Daily deliveries

Our approach to daily deliveries is eco-conscious, utilizing fixed routes around our locations to minimize environmental impact. We also cater to your specific needs with customizable delivery schedules.


Understanding the critical need for constant access to essential products, we offer customized inventory solutions, available for immediate call-off or direct replenishment at your local storage facilities.

Sustainable logistics

Our close proximity to clients not only reduces transportation needs but also ensures rapid and efficient delivery. We use established Bussgods routes for quick, safe, and environmentally friendly deliveries.

Nearby company support

If your company is located near our facilities, we provide personalized logistics support and services. Our local advantages include faster deliveries, enhanced storage efficiency, reduced transportation, improved service quality, on-site inventory replenishment, and emergency response services.

Benefits of our local presence:

With nine strategically located storage facilities, we are always close to you, ready to deliver quickly and efficiently. Our expertise in logistics ensures your goods are always available, thanks to our customized solutions and effective storage management. Choose us for faster, more efficient, and more accessible supply services – we are here to simplify your logistics and elevate your business standards. Let us help you optimize your supply chain!


  • Improved delivery speed
  • More efficient storage
  • Reduced transportation needs
  • Enhanced service
  • On-site inventory replenishment
  • Storage with us
  • Emergency service for urgent needs


We are your local partner


Here, you can easily contact any of our stores for inquiries, consultations, or information about products and services. Call, email, or use the contact form below, and we will be happy to assist you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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