Together with our owner KGK, we offer the market's best spare parts, accessories, tools, training, and services for the automotive industry.


With our partnership in the Big Group, we offer a wide range of tools, machinery, workwear, and protective equipment, along with flexible customer solutions and industry-specific training for the entire industrial sector.


Efficient logistics

Let us handle your logistics. We customize sustainable solutions with fast deliveries that meet your requirements.

Local presence

We offer sustainable and efficient logistics through our geographical presence and local warehouses. Is your business located near one of our locations?

RFID logistics

RFID solutions for smooth and secure retrieval of consumables 24/7, year-round.

Continuous access - Automatservice

Automatservice is a secure storage service where consumables, personal protective equipment, tools, and more are kept in vending machines at your location. The vending machines are strategically placed in selected areas within your workplace, allowing your staff to retrieve products themselves, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Warehouse Service

With our Warehouse Service, we take full responsibility for the management and operation of your customized warehouse/storage facility at the industry, construction site, or maintenance workshop. The service ensures you guaranteed access to essential supplies and critical products.

Logistical comprehensive solution

Total Service Provider has a comprehensive approach to your company’s supply of tools, supplies, and spare parts. This is the method for streamlining and achieving significant savings.

Overnight deliveries

Together with KGK’s state of the art logistics center in Enköping we offer one-day deliveries within Sweden with minimal environmental impact.

Strong brands, expertise, services, and logistics that facilitate for your company